Data Visualization of Data Visualization Field on Twitter ((infoviz))

For a searchable and zoomable version use the PDF.

As in Moritz's VIZoSPHERE there were so many connections that I didn't think they provided any useful information that could be seen with the eye so I left them out. They are used to layout the nodes for each account and also the node sizes are determined by the degree - the number of edges coming into or out of the node. The bigger nodes can be read off from this graph - @blprnt, @moritz_stefaner, @flowingdata, @visualizingdata, @janwillemtulp, @infosthetics, @golan, @mariuswatz, @reas, @ben_fry, @brainpicker, @nytimes, @timoreilly. Many of these larger nodes are, unsurprisingly, the original seed accounts we started with.

Looking at the details of which accounts are placed near each other seems to give reasonable results. @Eyeofestival is near @blprnt, @krees near @periscopic, and @mccandelish near @infobeautiful. It's very likely that many nodes are placed near each other based on more global or indirect factors so there are still likely some surprising juxtapositions.


Published: February 27 2012

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