Farmville'in orijinali Harvest Moon Facebook'a geliyor

Farmville oynamıyorum ama Harvest Moon'u Nintendo DS'te zevkle oynamıştım. Bunu da oynarım herhalde.

Harvest Moon, which many consider as the inspiration to Facebook gaming king FarmVille from Zynga, will see several browser-based social game releases thanks to Japanese developer and publisher Marvelous Entertainment.

The company looks to put out five to six titles designed for social networking services, according to a report from the Nikkei Industrial Journal translated by Andriasang. It's expecting to begin releasing those games this summer.

The 14-year-old series has seen dozens of releases, ports, and spin-offs on a multitude of home console, portable, digital download, and mobile platforms, so this move to spread the franchise to popular services like Facebook isn't surprising.

Marvelous didn't disclose any gameplay details behind the projects or specific strategies for attracting FarmVille's 83 million fans to its own farming simulator, but the publisher says it "aims to use its game development knowhow to deliver full game experiences."

Published: March 16 2010

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