Hayali ihracattan sonra hayali kumar

6.   As described more fully below, in or about thesummer of 2010, Full Tilt Poker’s payment processing channels were so disrupted that the company faced increasing difficulty attempting to collect funds from players in the United States.Rather than disclose this fact, Full Tilt Poker simply credited players’ online gambling accounts with money that had never actually been collected from the players’ bank accounts.  FullTilt Poker allowed players to gamble with — and lose to other players — this phantom money that Full Tilt Poker never actually collected or possessed.  When other players won these phantomfunds, their accounts were credited with money that Full Tilt Poker did not actually possess, but now nevertheless owed to these players.  As a result, Full Tilt Poker soon developed a massive shortfall between the money owed to United States players and the money actually collected from United States players, with Full Tilt Poker having credited approximately $130 million in phantom money to U.S. players’ online accounts that was never actually collected from players’ bank accounts.  Full Tilt Poker never disclosed this shortfall to the public.

Amerika'lı oyunculardan online kumar yasak olduğu için alamadıkları paraları (nasıl olsa kaybedecekler diye) üyelerin hesabına yatmış gibi göstermek ... çok iyi valla.

Published: September 21 2011

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