Know your meme --> The Artist Who Started the What People Think I Do/What I Really Do Meme

One of the funniest versions of the meme discovered on Facebook by the editor.

DE: How do you think memes fit into popular culture? Does the term “meme-ification” of culture speak to you in any way?

GH: In my own art practice, I try to create projects that have a popular appeal to them;  I build my studio projects in a way that can be communicated through a viral-like structure. However, I don’t really make studio projects that can be quickly emulated — they tend to be time-intensive and laborious.

In terms of “meme-ification,” I think that memes function as an insider language for different cultural groups on Facebook. Memes are small treasures that people find on the internet that they take pride in sharing — or modifying and sharing — with their friends. Memes play a role in forming a communication format that people can riff-off of, and expand on in order to include themselves in the cultural group. In comparison to earlier forms of communication, I think memes operate like Fan Fiction or Zines, where people can modify and circulate media within a group and thereby participate in that culture.

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Published: February 22 2012

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