Linux kernel development is 'evolution, not intelligent design --> Linux kernel chief exits SUSE, takes vendor-neutral oversight role

What's next for Linux?

We asked Kroah-Hartman which areas of Linux he'd like to see gain more development resources, and if he's expecting any major advancements in fields like power management and virtualization. "We always say that Linux kernel development is 'evolution, not intelligent design,' in that solutions are found to problems as they come up, so making forecasts as to what is going to happen in the future is always quite difficult," he noted. "Right now, I do not know of any specific areas that are needing more resources. Power management and virtualization both have numerous talented developers already working on the issues involved, and both are areas that are advancing quite rapidly."

Kroah-Hartman's goals to improve Linux are more about creating a better process. "My personal goals are to make the ability to create Linux kernel code easier, reducing and removing barriers that people find to become members of the community, as well as ensuring that Linux works for all new hardware platforms that are created," he said. "Focusing on helping companies, and individuals, become part of the kernel development team are things that I am going to be focusing on, be it improvements in internal kernel APIs to make them easier to use, or just simple education efforts to help others understand what the steps are to get involved."

SUSE'ciyiz ezelden :-)


Published: February 01 2012

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