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nicotine vaccine

Kanser aşısı bir, nikotin aşısı iki. Hem umutlanıyorum hem de bu haberleri sigara şirketleri gazlıyor diye içime bir kurt düşüyor.

While nicotine is not a virus, Langer and his colleagues believe it can be targeted in the same way a virus is targeted. Selecta uses synthetic nanoparticles to prompt the immune system into creating specialized antibodies that bind to nicotine molecules, making the nicotine molecules large enough to initiate an immune response. Antibodies instigated by the nanoparticles automatically attach to the surface of the modified nicotine molecule because their shape fits exactly. The resulting supersized nicotine compound is thereby prevented from crossing the blood-brain barrier and delivering the normal smoking kick.: ... Selecta's nicotine vaccine is the most advanced example of its effort to make custom vaccines with engineered nanoparticles. These synthetic vaccines should be quicker to make in large quantities than conventional vaccines, and therefore cheaper. Selecta also hopes to develop immune-based treatments for ailments and illnesses, including malaria, that currently lack such treatments. ... Even though Selecta's vaccine has no biologically based equivalent drug to compete with, it nevertheless will have to overcome plenty of hurdles. To be considered effective in clinical trials, the treatment will have to cause some people to quit altogether, rather than simply reducing their smoking. 

link: Vaccine Could Stop Nicotine from Reaching the Brain - Technology Review

Published: May 02 2012

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