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What is Dyad?

Dyad is a warpspeed abstract racing game being developed for the PlayStation 3.

Rather than having the traditional mechanics of break and accelerate, you must navigate an infinite tube by interacting with enemies for speed. This creates an interesting dynamic where your only obstacles are also your only source of speed. Dyad presents you with a unique toolbox of interactions including hooking on enemies for speed, grazing enemies for energy, turning yourself into a highspeed lance to kill enemies, and more.

Dyad's unique interaction palette creates a puzzle-like gameplay experience where you must constantly make intelligent choices to complete a wide variety of objectives including speed based objectives, various combo goals, and many more. Dyad's high speed, and constant choice based design lead to an interesting design double bind in which you are given an ever increasing amount of options and a decreasing amount of time in which to make a decision; paired with a wide interaction variety, this leads to a very unique and deep gameplay experience.

Dyad is a cognitive experiment presented through gameplay. It will take you to a new world with unique physical rules, and take your mind to a new level of consciousness.

link: http://www.dyadgame.com/#

Published: March 10 2012

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