Parodiden gerçeğe --> 'Molydeux' Twitter parody inspires new indie game jam


A newsbrief originally posted on Gamasutra by Tom Curtis:

While ex-Lionhead lead Peter Molyneux is well known throughout the industry for his lofty design ideas, a parody Twitter account dubbed "@petermolydeux" has taken his reputation one step further, paying homage to the Populous and Fable creator with bizarre, silly, and thought provoking game pitches.

Now, that parody account has become the source of inspiration for a new indie game jam, in which participants will design and build a game based on one of "Molydeux's" eccentric concepts.

Double Fine programmer Anna Kipnis recently pitched the idea on Twitter, and the game jam has already amassed an impressive following, with more than 85 attendees on the event's sign-up list.

The jam is open to the public, and is scheduled to take place in or around the San Francisco Bay Area, starting the evening of March 30 and running until April 1.

hashtag: #molyjam -!/search/%23molyjam2012

Published: March 15 2012

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