Türkiye'de demokrasinin durumu AKP ilk seçim yenilgisini tattığında belli olacak

Aşağıdaki paragraf 2009 yılında Carsten Wieland tarafından yazılmış güzel bir analiz yazısından. Açık, net ve bence doğru bir çıkarım.

The degree to which Turkish democracy has matured since 2002 will be measured once the AKP loses its first election. If Turkey's pragmatic and business-oriented middle class uses its influence to contain the Islamisation of the public sphere and institutions, a modern secular and/or liberal force might emerge as a political counterweight. If a more conservative camp prevails in the religious or in the nationalist sense, further structural changes may occur that could alter Turkey's fabric more profoundly.

Published: April 14 2010

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