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This section is dedicated to book recommendations – perhaps some suggestions for Christmas. It is elsewhere on the site, but since so many people email to ask about good football books, it’s obviously not prominent enough…


Inverting the Pyramid, Jonathan Wilson

The daddy of all football tactics books. Explains the development of formations and systems from the frenetic 1-2-7 shape used in early British football in the 19th Century, right through to the strikerless systems used in recent years by Roma and Manchester United.

But it isn’t a coaching manual, it’s a historical account of how football has unfolded throughout the decades – bringing to life the great Hungary side of the 1950s by demonstrating quite how differently they approached the game, and outlining why Brazil were so fabulous to watch in the 1970s.

Direct links: Buy Inverting the Pyramid at Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com (US) or or Amazon.ca or Amazon.de or Amazon.fr

How to Score, Ken Bray

Takes a scientific approach to analysing football games – for example, it explains how to put the optimal amount of swerve on a football at a free-kick.

Tactically it’s most interesting in the first two chapters, it explains the development of football tactics in a briefer way than Inverting The Pyramid, although it is no replacement for that book and explains it in a more matter-of-fact way. The chapters about set-pieces are also interesting, and the highlight is the long-overdue analysis of penalty shoot-outs.

Direct links: Buy How to Score at Amazon.co.uk orAmazon.com (US) or Amazon.ca or Amazon.de or Amazon.fr

Teambuilding, Rinus Michels

One of the most legendary books about a football team, its style and its tactics. Michels was the father of Total Football, and this book spends a lot of time reminiscing about his coaching career, but of more interest is his thoughts about the functions of the team, and there are also training drills in there too.

The book can be difficult to find – certainly brand new editions are – but it’s well worth finding a second hand copy. Few other managers have gone to such length to explain their thinking, and very few as successful as Michels. Good reading in conjunction with A Perfect Orange, below.

Direct links: Buy Teambuilding at Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com (US) or Amazon.ca or Amazon.de or Amazon.fr

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Published: December 06 2011

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